Kitchen Remodeling

What is Design Build?

Design Build is a comprehensive process that encompasses every aspect of home design, budgeting, and construction. What distinguishes the Design Build process is that the client enjoys a single source of contact and responsibility for everything related to their home or remodeling project. One of the leading benefits of the design build process is that it reduces and eliminates confusion in communications when a variety of professionals are involved. The roles on a design build team are many and can include architect, builder, electrician, plumber, designer, colorist, lighting specialist and much much more. Having a single point person responsible for coordinating all aspects of your project is a wonderful advantage and prevents problems and execution of your remodeling vision.

Why Design/Build is so efficient?

Because there’s a single source of contact and responsibility for the entire project, miscommunications, confusion, and mistakes are minimized. Our comprehensive process takes you, the homeowner, through every phase of design, budgeting, and construction so there are no surprises.

We take full responsibility for every phase and aspect of your new home or remodeling job. Each of our design build projects is headed by an experienced, responsible lead carpenter who is skilled in coordinating a variety of tradespeople and communicating your requests. The design build process eliminates the frustration of finger-pointing and trying to deal with confusing, technical aspects of design and construction. You can relax, knowing your project is in the hands of an experienced professional you can talk with in plain English. That means your project gets delivered in a cost-efficient, timely manner with a minimum of headaches and hassles.

The following is an outline of our Step by Step process from initial contact through project completion for a typical Design-Build project:

Sales and Planning
  • Build a Dream House with Barnes BuildingInitial Contact.  Our first step is to have an initial phone interview/discussion for about 15-20 minutes to find more out about each other and see if we might be a good fit.  If so, we will set up a time to meet at your house
  • In-Home Consultation.  We will meet at your house to continue to get to know each other and learn more about your project.  We view this as a 2-way interview as we learn about each other in the interest of determining if we are the right fit for each other.  Depending on the project and scope of work, we may be able to discuss some rough budget ranges for your project.
  • Feasibility Agreement (not all projects).  For some projects where we are not able to easily determine a budget range, or if there might be multiple options involved, we may recommend this step prior to moving on to the Design and Project Development Phase.  The purpose of the Feasibility is to develop a preliminary scope of work and budget range for the intended project(s).
  • Design and Project Development.  This phase engages BB&R to develop Schematic plans and written scope of work for the desired project.  Certain product selections and long lead time items would be determined during this phase.
  • Construction Agreement.  At the completion of the Design & Project Development Phase, we will draft a Construction Agreement that will include a written scope of work, allowances, payment schedule, and any finalized selections.
  • Design Build Process with Barnes BuildingConstruction Drawings (as needed).  For larger projects and additions, we will need to convert the Schematic plans to Construction Drawings.  This would be the first step after the Construction Agreement is initiated.
  • Permitting.  We apply for the building permit. 
  • Pre-Construction Meeting.  Prior to the start of any work, we will hold this meeting at our Clients’ home along with the Owner/Salesman (Kevin Barnes) and our Lead Carpenter for the project.  The purpose of this meeting is to introduce the Lead Carpenter and to review all production-related issues prior to the start of the work.  We have developed a Checklist of items to discuss, which include:  working hours, dumpster and equipment locations, salvage items, dust protection, material and tool staging areas, parking, site access and security, signage,  handling unforeseen issues, schedule, and any other concerns and fears the homeowner may have as we enter this phase of the project. 
  • Production Phase.  The fun part!  Where we actually get to make some noise and turn all your dreams and planning into reality! 
  • Punchlist.  As the project nears completion, we will walk through together and make sure all items are completed to your satisfaction and make sure all final inspections are completed.
  • Designer Home remodeling by Barnes BuildingJob Close-Out & Warranty Packet.  At the completion of the project, we will send out a Job Close-Out packet that will include our Standard 2-year Warranty.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey & Testimonials.  We have a 3rd party company (Guild Quality) that will reach out to you via phone and/or email to conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey and obtain Testimonials.  We will use this information as a benchmark to make sure we are meeting or exceeding client expectations.
  • Referrals.  You tell your friends, family and neighbors how thrilled you were to work with us and let them know we are the one call they need to make for their own project!