Home Addition

A well-planned home addition pays for itself. By extending the square footage of your home, you boost your home’s value and create much needed extra space.

Adding a home addition to an existing home structure is the perfect solution that many homeowners choose to meet their goals.

When it comes to fine home building, the team at BB&R seeks first to renovate within the current footprint. However, the house may be too small to meet the homeowner’s goals. Or, the layout itself does not lend itself to borrowing space from an adjacent area. In these instance, a home addition or even a modest bump out can be the perfect solution.

There are several occasions when a home addition is the right solution for homeowners:

  1. Kitchen Remodels often result in an expansion into the back garden area in order to bring in more light and view.
  2. Growing Families who crave more space.
  3. Mature adults who choose to Age In Place & transition to a first floor master suite.
  4. Homeowners seeking to introduce a higher level of functionality and enjoyment to their living spaces.

Clients come to BB&R for these types of home additions:

  • Kitchen Remodel and Expansion
  • Bonus Room Home Addition
  • Sunroom Home Addition
  • Bedroom Home Addition
  • Second Story Home Addition or Two Story Extension
  • Garage Home Addition
  • In-law Apartment Home Addition
  • Dormer Home Addition

Bathroom Remodeling

You’re in the best of hands when you partner with the BB&R team to manage your home addition project. We’ve got the experience, innovative home addition ideas honed from years of experience, and the architectural know-how to guide you through the process.