Home Additions Portfolio

Welcome to our Home Additions Portfolio. A well-planned home addition pays for itself. By extending the square footage of your home, you boost your home’s value and create much needed extra space. Adding a home addition to an existing home structure is the perfect solution that allows many households choose to meet their goals.

When it comes to fine home building, the team at BB&R seeks first to renovate within the current footprint. You will see this demonstrated throughout our Home Additions Portfolio. But sometimes, the house may just be too small to meet the homeowner’s goals. Or, the layout itself does not lend itself to borrowing space from an adjacent area. In these instance, a home addition or even a modest bump out can be the perfect solution.

We you look through our home additions portfolio, you will see examples of mudroom additions, expanded kitchens, family room extensions and sunrooms. Whatever your home additions and remodeling needs are, we’re standing by to have a conversation with you on how to move your project forward! We can schedule an appointment at your home. This gives us an opportunity to see your current footprint, learn more about your vision, and the chance to discuss all the various options worthy of exploring as your home addition project kicks off.

Thank you for visiting our home additions portfolio! We update pictures regularly, so please make a return visit soon!