Your Questions Answered

What Differentiates the Design-Build model from the conventional Architect first, then bid out to Contractors second?

The Design-Build approach brings the entire process under one roof and provides single-source accountability. There are additional benefits including better cost control and design collaboration. Read our Section on Design-Build for additional information.

Is there a fee associated with having a representative of BB&R come out to our house to discuss our project?

Our process typically starts with a phone “interview” for about 15-20 minutes to discuss your project. If we decide together that we might be good fit, we will schedule a time to come out to your house for a free initial Consultation. The next steps could include a Feasibility Agreement, Design & Project Development Retainer, or we could go right to a Construction Proposal/Agreement depending on the type of project and scope of work involved.

How long is the overall Design and Build process from start to finish?

Obviously, this can vary widely from project to project. But you should allow at least a month or two for the schematic design process and product selections. From there, allow 1-3 weeks for permitting. Then, the construction process varies depending on the size of the project. Most complete bathroom renovations can run from 4-6 weeks, kitchens 6-8 weeks, and additions could be several months. Obviously, these time frames can vary widely depending upon homeowner availability for meetings during the design process, decision making process, permitting varies from town to town, and the construction time frames will depend on the individual project. However long your project should take, you can count on consistent, open, honest communication from us. Our past customers say this is one of the best perks to working with us.

Design is complete, building permit is ready, what’s the next step? Demolition?

Close, but not quite. Our first step is to hold a “Pre-Construction” meeting with the Owner (Kevin Barnes), Lead Carpenter, and the Homeowners. The purpose of this meeting is to turn over the project from Sales and Design to Production. You will meet the Lead Carpenter for the project, who will become your main point of contact for much of the construction phase. We will discuss dumpster placement, tool and material staging areas, kids and pets, dust protection, items to be salvaged, hours to be worked, subcontractor policies, site access and security, signage, parking, etc. – the complete logistics about how we’ll help you get through the construction phase without too much hassle. This meeting is one of the most important steps in the Design-Build process.

So you are a Design-Build Firm – who handles the design work and selections?

Aside from our in-house capabilities, we have various partners we work with regularly. We work with and oversee various experts in their field. For kitchens and baths, we have expert designers who complete unique floor plans and cabinet layouts. For additions and large projects, we bring on architectural design partners. We even have experts who specialize in design and color! Our goal is to match the right design partners from our team with your specific needs, personality, shopping style and project type.

I see that you are a member of the SEN Design Group – what is that?

The SEN Design Group is a buying group that unites vendors and kitchen & bath professionals from across the country. Our membership in this professional group strengthens our purchasing  position  and allows us to provide exceptional service and options for our customers. This professional association saves you money and gives you increased options over other construction companies.

I will be losing the use of my Kitchen during this renovation, what will we do in the meantime?

This is a very important question and is one that we will bring up! We are very mindful of the disruptive nature these projects have on your day to day lifestyle. We will typically plan out together a “temporary kitchen” setup that will work well for you and your family. Sometimes, this can be as simple as converting an adjacent dining room to a temp kitchen space with a microwave and fridge. Other times, we will set up a temporary running sink, run temporary wires for the range, and really set up a complete running kitchen in a temporary location. This will all depend on the size and scope of the project, along with the specific needs of the homeowner.